I get it. Before you join you have some questions. Not a problem!

I hope we have addressed some of them here : )

If not, feel free to reach out to us anytime at tracy@porchlyte.com.
We would be happy to answer anything you might have!

How do I know if this will be worth it for me?

Feel free to try it for one month (which is essentially the price of a few good lattes) and if it’s not
a great fit then you can cancel anytime! No hard feelings!

Am I bound to a contract if I join?

Absolutely not. If you’d like to cancel your monthly subscription you have with us, you can do so any time, and you will not be charged effective the following month. We will keep all current payments for the month.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds will not be provided due to the nature of our digital product. We do not offer credits, refunds, or prorated billing for subscriptions that are cancelled mid-month. In such a circumstance, you will continue to have access to your subscription until the end of the monthly billing cycle.

Will I have unlimited use of everything inside the membership?

You betcha. Download your heart out. It’s all included.

Do I need to give credit when I post?

No, not at all!Of course we would love to show you some love if you want to tag us @porchlyte with the #porchlyte hashtag!

When new content is released do we still have access to previous month's content?

You bet! We keep all content from previous months in the gallery. However, we reserve the right to remove content from the gallery at any time.

Can my team members or those that I manage use my membership?

No, I am sorry they cannot. The PorchLyte membership is an individual account for one member and therefore only one login per person is issued with each membership. You may not use our content for other people, other businesses, or other accounts and social media platforms. Individuals who are found sharing their login information or using the content with multiple people, will have their account terminated immediately and could face further legal repercussions.

Is the content inside the membership updated?

Yes! We are adding to the membership regularly. Social media is an ever evolving entity and we are constantly searching to make sure you have to the tools you need at your fingertips. After all, it’s your job to be the rock star agent that you are and our job to make it as fun and convenient as possible!

Have a question that we may have missed? Email us at tracy@porchlyte.com