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Hi, I'm Tracy.

I'm the owner and founder of PorchLyte and a realtor in the trenches, just like you. So, I get it.

That is, I get what it's like to be a real estate agent in a rapidly changing industry, determined to grow my practice and wondering what to do next.

When I first began working in real estate I was just barely in my twenties, getting started in an industry dominated by old school thinking and tactics, where the road to success was paved by door knocking and cold calling.

I quickly skyrocketed my career to become one of the top 5% agents in my franchise's marketplace. Decades later, I have sold millions of dollars in real estate each year, received countless awards for my achievements, worked with various charities, sat on the Real Estate Board for ten years and was the youngest President to ever serve the Board, and now host a monthly Real Esate segment on TV.

With the help of my innate entrepreneurial spirit, sincere love for working with people and the lessons I've learned along the way, I've managed to grow profitable and scaleable businesses for myself and my clients.

Throughout my career, the real estate industry has seen some pretty cool changes, a couple of which I am especially excited about:

  • Social Media marketing is everywhere, and the real estate biz is no exception! It's not just a useful tool for realtors, but an essential part of the industry. 
  • More and more young women are realizing their boss babe potential by starting exciting careers in real estate.

As an award winning Realtor®,  I'm on a mission to ignite profit bulding strategies for emerging real estate agents like you and give you the support you crave. 


And so, PorchLyte was born...

Equipping new real estate agents with the tools and knowledge to build effective profit-building strategies and rev up their revenue!